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How it works

Cross ventilation with RegelDichtung and Regel-air® window vents

On the side facing the wind (windward side), fresh outdoor air flows into the house or apartment through the Regel-air® window vent and infiltration. The air is transported from room A to room B via the RegelDichtung in the door frames.

On the downwind side (leeward side), the stale, moisture-enriched air is transported away by the suction which is generated at the building.

Fan-assisted ventilation with RegelDichtung and Regel-air® window vent

With fan-assisted ventilation, a fan sucks in the stale and moist air and transports it outside. Fresh air flows in through the Regel-air® window vents and infiltration.


The RegelDichtung allows the air to easily flow through the rooms to the exhaust air fan.

The solution for combustion air supply

The new DVGW-TRGI (German Technical Regulations for Gas Installations) has just been published. As buildings are becoming more and more air-tight, combustion air supply in particular is a problem. If the amount of oxygen that flows in or is fed in is not sufficient, this can lead to combustion problems and carbon monoxide can permeate the house or apartment.

A chimney inspector is the right contact person in this respect.



Of course, we are also happy to advise you on this issue.

Tel: +49 (0) 28 31/977 99-0

The perfect solution

The Regel-air® window vents are used as air intake elements and the RegelDichtung establishes the necessary room air connection.

Sufficient combustion air supply is ensured through correct application and planning.