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Installation instructions

Installation instructions for FensterRiegel by Regel-air®

Please note the screws of the fitting rail before positioning the latch.



The leverage protection consists of: 1 swivel latch with stage bearing incl. brake; 1 closing bearing; 3 screws (5x40); 3 cover caps; 1 safety pin; 1 drill template


The leverage protection is installed at the bottom in the centre of the window. Using the drill template, a 3.5 mm hole is drilled 38 mm from the bottom edge of the casement.


Before screwing on the swivel latch, the plastic washer (adapter for decorative cap) should be screwed onto the screw.




The swivel latch with the double stage bearing and the brake is screwed on, with the thinner stage bearing facing towards the casement side as a spacer. A screwdriver should be used to tighten the screw at the end, to avoid spinning.


Afterwards, check the smooth movement of the swivel latch.



The window casement is now opened slightly and the closing bearing is wedged below the swivel latch by closing the window casement. The 4 mm thick drill template is now placed between the lower edge of the swivel latch and the floor of the closing bearing, so that the swivel latch does not jam when it is turned.





Afterwards, mark the location of the holes exactly with a sharp pencil and then pre-drill them with a 3.5 mm drill bit.



Before screwing on the closing bearing, the plastic washers need to be screwed onto the screws, similar to screwing on the swivel latch. A screwdriver should be used to tighten the screws at the end, to avoid spinning.





Finally, push the decorative caps over the screw heads. The safety pin can now be pushed through the hole in the closing bearing.





For side installation, place the drill template so it is flush with the handle olive. Now pre-drill through the top hole of the template and carry out the installation steps described above.

Finally a function check should be carried out!