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Installation videos

This page contains the installation instructions for the FFL, PLUS and FORTE systems.

 Regel-air® FFL installation video

The Regel-air® FFL ventilation system is easy to install with PVC windows and does not change their appearance, either from the inside or the outside. The installation does not require any milling. The vent modules are simply screwed into the window rebate after pre-drilling. Subsequently, parts of the gaskets are adjusted. After professional installation and planning, the ventilation system ensures the safe dehumidification of the house or apartment and prevents mould formation, even if the window is closed.



Regel-air® PLUS installation video

The Regel-air® PLUS ventilation system is easy to install and does not change the appearance of the facade. By combining the Regel-air® FFL and the overlap vent OV, it is possible to regulate the ventilation in houses and apartments even when the window is closed. While the FFL constantly provide minimum ventilation, the overlap vent can be regulated as required. This comfort ventilation can also meet high noise insulation requirements.


Regel-air® FORTE installation video

The Regel-air® FORTE ventilation system is easy to install and does not change the appearance of the window from the outside. In the upper part of the window, a pair of slide vents SV are installed in addition to a pair of Regel-air® FFL. This system makes it possible to transport high airflow volumes via one window casement. The air intake takes place entirely in the upper part of the window. The air volume can then be regulated as required using the slide vents, while the FFL, which is inconspicuously located in the rebate, provides minimum ventilation.